Who We Are

 Global Canadian Trading was founded to bridge the gap between the East and the West allowing businesses to benefit from the lower production cost offered in Eastern Europe, South America, Asia and India.

Whatever your specific requirements are, we can help you find the right product you need and the right supplier in Eastern Europe, South America, Asia and India. We directly deal with local industry without any middle man.

It is well known that you can realize considerable savings by manufacturing your products in Asia. However what is less known is how business is conducted in a such culturally different environment as in Eastern Europe, South America, Asia and India. As a result, this can lead companies in North American and Western European to wasting widespread loss of time and money before, during and after the production of their goods in those markets.

Our objective is to remove these challenges and risks associated with the sourcing of your products in Eastern Europe, South America, India and/or Asia. The goal is to let you focus on developing your core business and optimize your purchases and sales.
Our role is to ensure that you manage your money because we manage the time for you.

We offer tailored solutions according to your needs:

  • Our all inclusive packages take care of everything, such as finding the right supplier that meets precisely your expectations and your needs, handling the production management based on your specifications and finally delivering your goods to your door.
  • Our missions can be deployed to the extreme including with tailored packages ranging from: control of raw material used for production, quality of manufacturing to the delivery of your goods including customs process.