Some of our Customers and Partners


Food Processing Industry

Newrest is today a global leader in multi-sector catering. With 2013 revenues under management of almost 1085 Billion Euros and more than 25’000 employees world-wide, Newrest is present in 49 countries.



DOLLARAMA is the leading dollar store operator in Canada with 800 locations across the country. Their stores provide customers with compelling value in convenient locations, including metropolitan areas, mid-sized cities and small towns.



WOKO Heavy Duty Magnets is the reliable source for In-Plant handling equipment. They are design and produce efficient lifting magnet equipment. WOKO manufactures the following products: - Plate Lifting Magnets - Bundle Lifting Magnets - Coil Lifting Magnets - Billet Lifting Magnets - Slab Lifting Magnets - Fork Lifting Magnets - Pipe Lifting Magnets - Beam Lifting Magnets - Battery Operated Magnets - Scrap Lifting Magnets - Mobile Excavator Magnets - Recycling Magnets - Power Supply

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