Our Worldwide Implementations

Our teams are specialized: Our Sourcing partners are skilled in conception, development and implementation of projects.
The teams are mainly composed of technicians and sales engineers with strong skills in real industrial equipment, medical equipment, the environment, new and renewable energy, plastics, metals processing, assembly of finished products...

  • Canada: A team close to understand your needs, facilitate communication, manage and control your projects.
  • France: A team close to understand your needs, facilitate communication and develop a reliable and solid business plan.
  • Eastern Europe: Near major industrial platforms Low-cost, a team of engineers and technical sales
  • China: Very close to the largest global supply and consumption sources.
  • Africa: With locations in Senegal (Dakar), Togo (Lome), going back to the Central Africa (Bangui), Congo and Sudan.
  • Iran: recently the Canadian Global Trading has expanded its network with the new local presence now for opening markets in the Persian territory.


Technical Expertise - Qualification-Multiculture - Industrial Network - Tools study and production - quality control - Logistic Solution

Our Strengths: Synergie of our multicultural teams in North America, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa with a global reach for guaranteed results.