Why Choose Us

While China, Eastern Europe, South America and Africa are the world leaders in terms of manufacturing cost, it is often difficult for external business to take advantage of this opportunity because of language, cultural and geographical barriers.

Many case studies have shown that penetrating new international markets unprepared will too often lead to considerable loss of time and money even if short-term success is realized.

Advantages of the Global Canadian Trading:

Our local presence, with permanent offices and strong teams, allows us to understand and manage all cultural differences. Our knowledge of the industry and our strong expertise in a number of sectors such as industrial, food and medical among others enabled us to establish a reputed network of manufacturers that can produce any goods with the required specifications.

Due to these long-lasting relationships with suppliers, we are able to solidify the confidence that allows us to have more freedom and offer very competitive prices while guaranteeing timely delivery.

Furthermore, we are proud to be able to cater to your needs in real time face to face and bring to each client a customized solution. We can also be contacted by email or phone.


Our Strengths: Canadian Global Trading does not cease to use coordination and interaction between industrials from countries that are most often distant geographically and culturally. The variety of operations performed by Canadian Global Trading illustrates the high degree of adaptability and flexibility of our different business structures.

Value Added of Global Canadian Trading:

  • Technical competence in many areas: Industrial Equipment, Plastics, Electronics, food, medical and pharmaceutical, but also in purchase and international negotiations.
  • Worldwide locations to be close to you: Canada, France, China, Iran and many others in Eastern Europe and Africa.
  • A comprehensive network of qualified suppliers: from the production of raw materials, such as steel casting, aluminum or plastic through the OEM, to subcontracting and assembling in all sectors.
  • A thorough knowledge and expertise: local teams, multicultural and multi-lingual (French, English, Spanish, Turkish, Mandarin, Persian, etc ...).


Our networks are continuously connected under different time zones, this flexibility allows us to respond to all requests in a very short time.

Our methodology is proven, we will accompany you from the beginning to the end of your project (prototypes or samples, negotiations with industrial partners, orders, production and deliveries of goods).

We guarantee you: speed, flexibility, transparency, up-to-date information and results.

Our Strengths: Technical skills in industrial equipment, Plastics, Electronics, food, medical and pharmaceutical, with international knowledge and solid professional network as well aw in-depth expertise.