Sourcing and Quality

Better Purchases with Global Canadian Trading:

Based on your requests, your technical requirements and your specifications, we will make every effort to search through our global network for a fast, clear and accurate solution.

We offer the following services: 
  • Precise definition of the objectives
    • Needs analysis
  • Sourcing, List of Suppliers
    • Sector analysis
  • Guaranteed benefit on your target price
    • Bidding, costing and qualification
  • Validated and opterational product
    • Sample conception and validation
  • Contract negotiation and implementation of production
    • Secure legal framework
  • Production
    • Securing your investment
  • Timely Delivery
    • Control of your time
Our Strengths : A Sourcing quality for any kind of product, research and qualification of suppliers worldwide, bidding, testing of prototypes and samples, audit and quality management from the chosen supplier.