Outsourcing Control

Subcontracting with Global Canadian Trading:

Better buying: you manage your price, your quantity, your quality with our Reactivity

Once you select a qualified supplier, you can choose to entrust us for your relationship with your international supplier and tracking of your orders. We take care of:

  • Order release, translation and document flows: easy communication suitable for your language
    • Reactivity Guarantee
  • Monitoring on-site quality control, metrology, manufacturing processes, tooling verification
    • Quality Guarantee
  • Logistics monitoring: monitoring the planning and organization of production, followed by transportation, customs clearance, insurance
    • Delivery time Guarantee
  • Supplier relationship: axis of progress, resolving anomalies, change management, tracking orders and regulations, contract monitoring
    • Price Guarantee


Our Strengths: Industrial Subcontracting, monitoring and management of production, quality, transportation and logistics, customs clearance, production planning, order management planning.